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There are numerous hand knotted woolen carpet producing centers in India but traditional hand knotted silk carpets in India can only be found in Kashmir. The origins of the traditional silk carpets of Kashmir can be traced to the Mughal period Hand knotted pure silk carpets are world famous for their softness and craftsmanship. These carpets are very expensive due to High Density of Knots per sq Inch and their being labor intensive and it takes a couple of at least one year to create a good silk carpet of Size 2x3 feets and it takes 10 to 16 years to create a 9x12 feets silk on silk carpet. The process of creating a hand knotted silk carpet is lengthy and a lot of preparation has to be made by the craftsmen before weaving the carpet. The yarn used determines the type of the carpet to be created. Woolen carpets are always created on a cotton base with woolen yarn. Silk yarn is sometimes used in woolen carpets as highlights on certain designs and motifs. On the other hand silk carpets are those carpets, which are created on a silk pile. Silk carpets are also created on a cotton or woolen pile. Generally silk carpets are made up of 80% of silk yarn and 20% of cotton yarn. These carpets have more than 400 knots per square inch. 100% pure silk carpets have very high knotage per inch. The knots per square inch of such carpet can range between 400-1600 knots per square inch. This high percentage of knottage insures the life and durability of these carpets. The craftsmen in Kashmir follow the traditional Persian \ Islamic designs of Kirman, Kaishan, Hamadan, Khatirus, Shalimar, lsfahan, Aredbill, Mashad, Sabzevar, Sarouk, Tabrez, Herat etc. Though there is a strong Persian influence in Kashmiri carpets, yet one can also see local variations. The most recurring motif that is found on silk carpets from Kashmir is the depiction of the tree of life, in all its glory. The natural beauty of Kashmir and its picturesque views have inspired the carpet weavers. Other popular themes are: hunting scenes, bird and animal motifs and historic themes. These carpets come in a variety of colors and designs. Carpets from Kashmir are subtle in comparison with the carpets produced from other parts of the country. It is because carpets made in Kashmir are made with yarn dyed with 100% Natural dyes Extracted from,Herbs, Flowers, Seeds, Insects, Bark, oak, mineral colors, Hues of red, blue and yellow color are mainly used.  For centuries now, families are known to have collected pure silk Kashmir carpets and rugs and have handed over the mantle of this treasured heirloom to the next generation. World over, museums and palaces, have an unforgettable tale behind each of the displayed Kashmir carpet or rug an extraordinary saga of every such stunning Kashmir carpet or rug with unique designs and spectacular hues and colors

All our pure silk Kashmir carpets & rugs are made with Persian styled knots, that means, the threads involved in tying a knot give the carpet added strength, durability and finer intricate design as compared with regular knotted carpets & rugs that often lead to mediocre or substandard workmanship and lesser life of the carpet or the rug.

It is for this reason, amongst many others, that our pure silk Kashmir carpets and rugs are termed as being the most superior in this category by connoisseurs who are unhesitant in proclaiming these as truly art collectibles.

Characteristically, all silk carpets have an amazingly innate attribute of displaying different colors when viewed from different angles or sides. Often the colors tend to have a day-and-night variation in shades that seem to impart an illusion of viewing two carpets instead of the actual one carpet. This change in look or color is entirely natural because of the luster, shine, pile and the weaving technique of the silk fiber that makes these silk carpets tremendously distinctive with extraordinary brilliance and are lovingly referred as magic carpets by hundreds of our customers!

NOTE: All our hand-knotted carpets and rugs come with a fringe ( tassels). Wool and wool/silk blend carpets usually have a cotton fringe while all our silk carpets have a fringe made of 100% pure silk







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